Horticultural Services

Want More Than A Tidy Lawn?

The Man With The Lawn Mower offers clients a service beyond the basics for the garden. We have certified Horticulturists on staff, eager to share their expertise in plant cultivation.

With an advanced level of knowledge and extensive experience working with plants, our Horticulturists can:

  • Tell you the optimum time to fertilize and with what,
  • Identify pests and ascertain the best way to get rid of them, and
  • Help you achieve year-round beauty because you’re working with a specialist.

More for Your Eye To Meet

From private homes to public grounds, The Man With The Lawn Mower has the education and skill to create robust and beautiful grounds. Given their understanding and love of all plant varietals, our Horticulturists have the ability to see what might be missing in your garden and fill in the gap to produce the stunning result you desire.

Call us today to discuss how a certified Horticulturist can make your garden a cut above the rest. 03 9998 3618